In the darkest corner ,
In the brightest light,
Of the tallest mountain
Or in the deepest shaft,

The only fear that humans know,
Is the fear of sorrow and unknown,
The fear of lonelyness and dispare,
The fear of love without a pair .

The love we seek is like the sand
You catch and hold it in your hand,
Like time itself it slips away,
Through your hand it fades away
With every grain your heart and soul
Trembles down beneath the floor
You loose yourself  without insight
You embrase the darkness ,without knowing the light.

The only thing that cuts so deep.
The only thing that humans weep.
The thing they seek and never find
The love they lost or never had .
The boy or girl they loved so much,
Forged moments in the past,
Today cold and hard as rock,
Tomorow gone or sweaped away just like the dust

Scrisa de Claus


~ de OMFG_PONEYS pe august 10, 2008.

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